art_hritis (art_hritis) wrote in chaplin_chaps,

i stole a tattoo

as mentioned in the other thread....

i did it
and i hat a lot of fun doing it :D

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That's awesome :) I want one haha
no problem
gimme your size and what you would pay, and if you prefere longsleve tshirt hoodie.....
i would have to do some serious calculations but actually there's no problem of repeating it i saved the data at work and my computer is the computer right next to the plotter ;)
Are you serious? That would be amazingly cool. I don't really know what I'd pay, depends where you're shipping from and how much the hoodie would cost. I'm a small...
you know already how i feel about your hoodie -- though i couldn't possibly wearing something like it as long as i'm still teaching. :D
Absolutely beautiful!! I want one too! Lol.
awww wonderful!
::points to icon:: poster on the door to my living room ::hearts::
ok if there really is interest in the sweaters i'll calculate a price on monday.
the sweatter itself is rather cheap, it's no shapewear, has no real cuffs and is just straight cut.
see photos front back

this is an XL size for i'm 5'9 and the sweater is sorta comfy fit for me, the sleves go down to my knuckles and the sweater itself is well over my hips
i left my DVD shelf in the photos so you have a vague relation :)
i can do other motives too ;)
shipping would be from germany but i have a friend with good contacts to a delivery guy :D

@rita; wha not wear sth like that? show your proud heart :D
you know you get a t shirt and i'm already working on the motive ;D
better tell me your size or it'll be elephant ;) just to make it comfy ;)
well, if you must, i'd like my little iTramp. but just a wee one. and without the orange. i'd have to redo the entire thing anyway because i'm not completely satisfied with how he turned out.

who said that you would be allowd to choose the motive?
*rubs hands*
but alas my evil plans have to wait
right now tis learning time for me... writing my business plan *yuck*
well, i'd rather damn well choose the image. otherwise chances are high the hoody won't see the light of day, but ends up as jammies.
i don't care
and it'll be a t shirt ;)
Nice, I wouldn't mind having one of those myself.
morning fellows
i checked at work and my boss made me a good price for a sweater;
production costs would be 35 euro;
that would equal round 46 dollar or 32 GBP plus shipping which i still would have to figure out :)