art_hritis (art_hritis) wrote in chaplin_chaps,

sorry i have to boast a little...

hey there
tis been a while since you last heard of me
but i simply have to tell you bout my somewhat chaplinesque bday party.

having an affection or a hobby somehow makes you a bit volunerable i think, or better, makes you an easy target. people don't have to think long for bday presents etc.
this _can_ be good. but it's the worst nightmare when people get it wrong....
(someone started the rumor that i collect plush elks.... have a guess....)

anywho it is no rumor but known fact to my friends that i have a slight affection for mr Chaplin *understatement of the week*
so when my birthday drew nearer it only figured that i would at least get one chaplin item of any kind.
well i miscalculated there *coughs*
the first thing that hit my letterbox was a chaplin DVD sent to me by a dear friend
i already have the films but tis the thought that counts ;)

i figured that would be _the_ chaplin item and for i invited to a bottle party and had told everyone not to bother bout presents i thought i was on the save side.....
first party guests to arrive were colleagues from work;
they brought this card:

especially designed for me *sigh*

i was already in a state of wobblyness for i was overwhealmed by all the different (non chaplin) gifts and all the kind people who came.
but then came the "thing"

a very dear friend of mine who is a musician convinced the other two members of her Klezmer trio to perform live.
So in the middle of the party suddenly 3 musicians arrived in my garden (one of them my friend who had sneaked out) and announced that they would perform now.
These (in my eyes and ears) very good Klezmorim then performed, starting with one of my all time faves.
They played on for a while, and then announced their last song. By then it was rather dark and we had lit several torches.
my friend tried to quiet the gathered guests and then very shyly announced that they would finish their set with a song they had especially learned just for me.
(my mouth was dry by then and i already had shed a few happy tears)
i carefully sat down in a chair and waited for things to come.
The music started and i was surrounded by sparklers (umh wunderkerzen)
There were 20 or more people around me with those things, and the Klezmorim played Limelight.
if i remember correctly i managed to dial rita on her cell to let her listen. but i _sadly_ didn't manage to record it on video.
They repeated the song but again i got only the last 30 seconds cause i was too wasted (emotionally) to operate the camera properly

so all i can give yoi is this little photo

i wish i was able to share the song with you. perhaps one day they'll perform it again and then i'll be able to record it for you :)
the next thing on my agenda is inviting the musicians to watch the films for 2 of them didn't even know it :D

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